Messenger - Vol. 3, No. 1, Page 17
Fall 1993
Susan Foster promoted to vice president

     Susan J. Foster, associate vice president for computing and network
services since 1989, has been promoted to vice president for information
     "Susan Foster has presided over a great deal of technological
innovation at the University of Delaware, and we are pleased to recognize
her good service to the campus by way of a well-deserved promotion,"
Roselle said. "Information technology is an integral part of our
University, and leadership at this high level is essential. We are very
fortunate to have someone already at the University of Delaware with such
clearly demonstrated capabilities."
     This summer, for example, he said, was "an exceptionally busy one" for
Foster and her staff, as the latest in communication technology--from
television to computing to telephones--came to campus, providing students
with a wide range of new services.
     In her position, Foster has responsibility for the planning, policy,
budget, acquisition and implementation of all central academic and
administrative computing and University-wide telecommunications services,
instructional and research applications, as well as the University's data,
voice and video communications on the campus and across the state.
     In her four years at Delaware, Foster has overseen implementation of
substantial expansion of electronic mail; a campus-wide data network and
information service; remote interactive video service; new on-line systems
for payroll/personnel, student information and gifts processing; Ethernet
and cable TV services to student residence halls; digital switching and
voice processing services; and a student computing initiative to enhance
their computing and electronic information access through discounted resale
of microcomputers and work stations, to name only a few.
     Foster, who directed Temple University's computing and information
services functions before coming to Delaware, holds a bachelor's degree in
psychology and a master's degree in psychoeducational processes, both from
Temple. She also is a Ph.D. candidate there in psychoeducational processes.