Messenger - Vol. 3, No. 1, Page 23
Fall 1993
Share the wealth of your experiences

     Alumni can share their expertise, interests, hobbies and memories of
campus life with current University of Delaware students through the newly
formed Alumni Speakers Bureau. Alumni can be a direct link to today's
students by speaking to various campus groups and organizations.
     The Speakers Bureau was organized by the Student Outreach Committee of
the Alumni Association's Board of Directors to promote and encourage
greater interaction between students and alumni.
     Student leaders will receive a list of interested alumni, and alumni
will be contacted directly by the student organization.
     Interested alumni are encouarged to provide a list of topics they
would like to be invited to speak on. Also included should be address, home
and work phone numbers, the best time to be contacted, class year and
major. The subject matter can be as varied as Delaware alumni are.
     Information should be sent to: Alumni Speakers Bureau, Office of
Alumni and University Relations, University of Delaware, Newark, DE 19716.
     For more information, contact Sue Ashman, committee chair, at (215)
493-7556, or Peggy Sullivan in the Office of Alumni and University
Relations at (302) 831-2341.