Messenger - Vol. 3, No. 1, Page 12
Fall 1993
On Campus
Arthur knows fashion sales

     With the arrival of ARTHUR, students in the Department of Textiles,
Design and Consumer Economics can unravel the mystery of fashion
     One of the most widely used merchandise planning systems in the world,
the ARTHUR software program was donated to the University by Comshare Inc.,
through its retail division headquarters in Wilmington, Del. Faculty
training was included with the gift, which is said to be the first
placement of the system in a University setting.
     According to Rosetta LaFleur, associate professor, ARTHUR allows
retailers with many stores and a central buying office to create an
assortment plan unique to each store's location. The program is used by
more than 350 North American retailers and manufacturers, including J.
Crew, Linens and Things, Montgomery Ward, Kay-Bee Toys and Pier 1 Imports.
     LaFleur integrated ARTHUR into her Advanced Fashion Merchandising
course this fall. Using personal computers, students are learning top down
and bottom up planning, product planning (which includes beginning
inventory, sales, units, markdowns and receipts) and location planning
(which includes sales per department and per store). In addition,
pre-season distribution and buying within store contraints will be studied
using ARTHUR.
     The ARTHUR program puts the textiles, design and consumer economics
department on the "cutting edge" of education in computer-aided merchandise
planning (CAMP), LaFleur says. "The department can strategically use CAMP
to attract students and provide employers with graduates who can confront
the technological demands of their positions," she says.