Messenger - Vol. 3, No. 1, Page 30
Fall 1993
New Alumni Association board

     The Alumni Association's Board of Directors approved new officers to
serve two-year terms and new members to serve three-year terms, effective
April 21. From left, are Charlotte Waterbury Brown '81, director; Milman E.
"Dick" Prettyman '50, director; Steven W. Bonine '78, president; H. Wesley
Towers '64, director; Barbara Jenkinson Owens '58, vice president; Rebecca
Hall Scarborough '62, '68M, director; Robert P. McNutt '69M, director; Mary
Lou Ledyard Hamilton '64, '71M, director; Anthony J. DePetris '86M,
secretary; and Richard S. Mroz '83, treasurer. Christopher R. Locke '84,
director, is not pictured.