Messenger - Vol. 3, No. 1, Page 15
Fall 1993
Local bank senior vice president donates $10,000

     Jorge A. Brathwaite of Wilmington, Del., senior vice president of the
Bank of New York (Delaware), recently donated $10,000 to the University of
Delaware's FORTUNE 2000 Program, a comprehensive support program for
minority students in the College of Business and Economics.
     Brathwaite's individual contribution was matched by an equal
contribution from the bank's foundation.
     Brathwaite is a native of Panama who has lived and worked in Delaware
for the last two years. He said he heard of the FORTUNE 2000 program
through a newspaper feature on Terry M. Whittaker, assistant dean of the
College of Business and Economics and director of the program.
     "I have always been of the opinion that people should do whatever they
can to support the educational process," Brathwaite said. "As a minority,
the first step in the chain is to try to combat the economic deprivation so
many minorities have encountered. After reading the article, I called Terry
and we began to discuss a contribution and having the company match my
personal contribution.
     "I like the pulse of the FORTUNE 2000 program," Brathwaite said.  "It
develops leadership and prepares students for entry into the business
world. It provides opportunities for deserving minorities."
     Brathwaite earned his undergraduate degree from Howard University and
his master's degree in public administration from Baruch College, part of
the City University of New York. He also is a graduate of the Georgia State
University Graduate School of EFTS and of the Harvard University Graduate
School of Business Programs for Management Development.
     He worked for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for l8 years and,
prior to moving to Delaware, was employed by the Bank of New York in New
York for four years.