Messenger - Vol. 3, No. 1, Page 17
Fall 1993
Electronic innovations

     Students living in residence halls now have access to 47 channels of
network and satellite television programming. These University cable
outlets are available in every room, dining hall and lounge.
     The University's cable offerings include super stations in Atlanta,
New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, CNN, C-Span, ESPN, the Discovery
Channel, the Learning Channel, the Weather Channel, SCOLA and Court TV, as
well as MTV, VH-1, the Comedy Network and the Sci-Fi Channel, among others.
     Three channels are originated by the University: a program listing
channel, an events bulletin board channel and a channel that will carry
University-produced programming. Additional University channels will be
available in the future for use in instructional entertainment and student
     In addition to the video outlet, each room has a data network outlet
that gives students the opportunity to connect computers in their rooms
directly to the University's high-speed data network.
     Using this connection, students in their rooms may browse through
DELCAT, the electronic "card catalog" of the University of Delaware
Library, as well as the catalogs of more than 200 universities across the
country and around the world, and they may exchange electronic mail with
professors, friends and colleagues. The connection also gives them access
to an electronic network of national and international scholarly
information resources.
     Telephone services for students on the campus also have been
dramatically upgraded with the addition of voice mail technology.