Messenger - Vol. 3, No. 1, Page 23
Fall 1993
A new chapter for Delaware alumni

     Peggy Bedingfield Sullivan, Delaware '71, has returned to the Office
of Alumni and University Relations as an alumni associate with
responsibility for the University's nationwide alumni chapter program.
     Sullivan, who previously served on the alumni relations staff from
1979-87, was a conference specialist in the University's Division of
Continuing Education for the last six years.
     In her new position, she is developing a cadre of volunteer
coordinators, with whom she will work to organize activities in geographic
areas with large concentrations of alumni. There currently are 36 alumni
chapters across the country.
     In the community, Sullivan is an 11-year committee member of the
Delaware All-Star High School Football Game, serving as chairperson for the
1991 game. This event, sponsored by the Delaware Foundation for Retarded
Children, is now in its 38th year and has raised over $4 million.
     More than 130 candidates applied for the alumni associate position,
which became open when Benson H. Cook Jr., Delaware '89, accepted a
position as special projects coordinator in the College of Engineering.
     UD alumni are automatically members of the Alumni Association,
Sullivan said, and they are also automatically members of any chapter
established near where they live.
     "Alumni chapters affirm the connection between our alumni and their
University," Sullivan explained, "and the connection is a mutually
beneficial one. The chapter program demonstrates the University's
commitment to its alumni, and alumni involvement shows their caring and
concern for their alma mater.
     "Chapters help alumni keep informed about the University of
Delaware-the achievements of its faculty and students, and importantly, the
achievements of their fellow alumni. Life at the University can be kept
alive for individuals who rarely get a chance to return to campus, and the
chapter get-togethers provide opportunities to see old friends and to make
new ones," she said.
     At the same time, Sullivan said, chapters can help generate support
for the University. In addition to the critically important financial
support, alumni can assist with relocation and job placement of recent
graduates and with recruitment of new students.
     Notices of chapter events are distributed by postal zip code so an
accurate address on file with the Office of Alumni and University Relations
is important, she said. If alumni spend the winter months in Florida, for
example, they can be notified of Florida chapter events by alerting
     Chapter events are wide ranging, Sullivan said, and have included
dinners, receptions, boat cruises, pre- and post-game football receptions,
concerts, lunches, picnics and theatre outings.
     University representatives attend most chapter events, including
President David P. Roselle and Louise Roselle, Vice President for
Development and Alumni Relations Charles Forbes, Director of Alumni and
University Relations Robert R. Davis, head football coach Harold R. "Tubby"
Raymond, Athletic Director Edgar Johnson and Sullivan.
     Upcoming chapter events are numerous.
     * New England alumni will hold a pre-game brunch before the
Northeastern football game Nov. 20, and the Boston Chapter will hold a
dinner that evening at the Westin Hotel in Waltham, Mass.
     * The Northern New Jersey Chapter will hold a dinner Dec. 15 at The
Manor Restaurant in West Orange, with special guests David and Louise
Roselle, Charles Forbes, Robert Davis and Peggy Sullivan bringing news from
the campus.
     * Alumni in the Cecil County (Md.) and Southern New Jersey chapters
will attend the men's basketball game against Northeastern in the Bob
Carpenter Center in Newark Jan. 23, with a post-game reception.
     * Center City Philadelphia and Mainline Philadelphia chapters will
attend the men's basketball game against Drexel in the Carpenter Center
Feb. 5.
     * The Washington, D.C., Chapter will watch the Hens' basketball game
vs. Vermont Feb. 13.
     * Sussex County and Kent County (Del.) chapters will see the Hens vs.
New Hampshire on Feb. 27.
     * In early January, tentative plans call for Athletic Director Edgar
Johnson and Alumni Distinguished Prof. John Burmeister to meet with the
Dallas and Houston chapters and head coach Tubby Raymond, Delaware '65, to
attend functions of the Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco chapters.
     * The East Coast of Florida Chapter will host a dinner for President
and Mrs. Roselle Feb. 3, and the Roselles will also meet for a luncheon
Feb. 5 with the West Coast of Florida alumni. (Please advise Sullivan of
your address if you winter in Florida.) An Atlanta Chapter outing also may
be tied in with this trip.
     * Baltimore alumni will host a gathering March 17 for President
Roselle and men's head lacrosse coach Bob Shillinglaw.
     * The Lancaster (Pa.) Chapter will meet April 28 with men's head
basketball coach Steve Steinwedel and women's head coach Joyce Emory Perry,
Delaware '73, '79M, and some of their players.
     Other chapter outings are being scheduled, and notices will be mailed
to all alumni in the areas.
     For more information on chapter activities or if you would like to
help form a chapter in your area, contact Sullivan at the Office of Alumni
and University Relations, telephone (302) 831-2341.

See page 24 for a list of alumni chapters and coordinators.