Messenger - Vol. 2, No. 3, Page 28
Summer 1993
Alumni Profile: Bearing the Super Bowl in mind

     Unbelievable" is how Bob Slowik, Delaware '77, describes his trip to
Super Bowl XXVII as an assistant defensive coach with the Dallas Cowboys.
"It was my first year with the team, and to go to the Super Bowl and win
was something special. I don't think it can get any better than that," he
     This former Blue Hen football player and graduate assistant says he
has "a burning desire" to return to the Super Bowl. But, these days, Slowik
has a new team to work with on his way back.  Slowik recently signed on as
defensive coordinator with the Chicago Bears.
     He sees this as a chance to continue coaching with longtime friend
Dave Wannstedt, who is the Bears' new head coach and former Dallas Cowboys
defensive coordinator. Wannstedt is also the person who helped Slowik make
his start in the National Football League.
     While in school, Slowik never imagined he would be in the NFL or in
the Super Bowl. But his time at the University was of great value in both
accomplishments, he says. "People are always excited to hear that I played
and coached football at the University of Delaware. Everybody knows Tubby
Raymond, everybody knows the Blue Hens. It's incredible how well-known the
University of Delaware is, and how well-respected," Slowik says.
     Slowik describes the University and its coaches as "extremely
instrumental" when he was first starting out, particularly the late Ron
Rogerson. When Slowik's wife Carol, Delaware '79, accepted a head coaching
job for the University of Florida women's track team and the couple moved
to Florida, Raymond called that university to tell them about Slowik. He
soon became a volunteer coach and was hired as a part-time assistant for
three years. In subsequent years, Slowik coached at Drake University,
Rutgers University, the University of Delaware and East Carolina
University, before signing on with the Super Bowl-bound Dallas Cowboys.
     Right now, Slowik is eager to work with the Bears. When asked if he
dreams of becoming a head coach, he replies, "I'm not one to sit back and
say, 'In one year, I'm going to be a head coach.' If I just concentrate on
what I'm doing and do the best I can, then, if the opportunities are to
arise from that, they will. But if not, I don't worry about it."
                                   -Kristin Dworsky, Delaware '93