Messenger - Vol. 2, No. 3, Page 24
Summer 1993
Lengthy legacy

     Two generations of Delaware graduates and a potential third were among
the visitors to the campus during Legacy Day. Charles Crocker, Delaware
'38, and his daughter, Linda Simmons, Delaware '75, of Arlington, Va.,
brought Simmons' son, Robert, a sophomore in high school, to the annual
spring event. Another graduate who attended with his son, Tom Giacoponello,
Delaware '71, wrote afterward, saying the visit to campus was his first in
nearly 20 years: "This homecoming, of sorts, was truly uplifting. The Mall,
abloom on a sunny, spring day, rekindled in me a vitality that undeniably
was reflected in the faces of the current U. of D. students. It was
terrific to see so much of the University as lovely as I remembered it and
also to see the great strides taken to upgrade and expand the
facilities....My son, while only a sophomore in high school, was impressed
and now speaks of wanting to apply there as his first choice. At this time,
we have not yet begun to scout other schools, but I have a feeling that my
heart will encourage me to promote my alma mater to him."