Messenger - Vol. 2, No. 2, Page 22
Winter 1993
Trustee visiting committees

     Seven new visiting committees were created last spring, presenting a
special opportunity for the University's Board of Trustees to draw upon the
expertise of the larger community.
     According to trustee chairman Andrew B. Kirkpatrick Jr., many able
people are interested in serving the University, and the board had utilized
some of that talent several years ago by appointing an ad hoc investment
committee. "The standing finance committee received superb financial advice
from these leading investment counselors," he said, and that positive
experience led the board to seek advice on other subjects.
     By broadening the base of community involvement, the University
"enhances its understanding of available options and communicates to a
larger constituency what it already is doing well," President David P.
Roselle said.
     The new visiting committees, which report to various standing
committees of the board, met for the first time in the fall of 1992. The
areas of interest include agriculture, architecture, athletics, audit,
investment, landscaping and Lewes, Del., land use.
     The architecture committee, for example, already has helped in the
selection of an architect for the new student center, and the landscaping
committee is working on guidelines to guarantee a consistent look to future
plantings on the campus.
     Three additional committees are being considered, business and
economics, the performing arts and the visual arts.