Messenger - Vol. 2, No. 2, Page 15
Winter 1993
Tribute to a teacher

It takes two hours to read through the thick notebook of letters supporting
James R. Soles' nomination as the University's first Alumni Distinguished
Professor. They are emotional letters of love for a very special man. Here
is just a sampling from letters written this fall:

     "When I began attending the University of Delaware as a freshman in
the fall of 1984, I harbored a good deal of apprehension regarding my
abilities and potential as a college student. I was the first person in my
family to attend college; I had graduated from Wilmington High School,
which at that time sent only a tiny fraction of its students on to
four-year institutions; I had received a mediocre score on the Scholastic
Aptitude Test. I felt, at that time, that simply graduating from college
would be a challenging achievement and a sufficient goal. I could have
never foreseen that, over the next eight years, I would receive the
national Harry S. Truman Scholarship, the political science department's
Paul Dolan and Barry Ulin awards and the University's Alexander J. Taylor
Award (for outstanding senior man), or that I would go on to attend and
graduate from Yale Law School. I share each of these accomplishments with
James R. Soles and can trace them all to the commitment and inspiration he
has shown me as an educator and as a friend." -Joseph C. Schoell, Delaware

     "I began my first semester of college at the University in the fall of
1981.... I was both anxious and excited to begin my college education, but
for all the wrong reasons.... I received a 1.8 cumulative average and
dropped out of school. After a year or so... I returned to the University
as a continuing education student to bring my cumulative average back up
and gain admittance to full-time status. Due to my prior action, however,
my parents and friends viewed my intentions as just another episode of
indecision on my part and a waste of time. No one I knew had faith in me or
trusted that I could accomplish my goal and I could not blame them.... It
was during this confusing and depressing time that I met Dr. Soles...his
concern and confidence in me changed my life.... I became organized in my
studies, consistently improved my cumulative average and made dean's list
for four semesters. Through Dr. Soles' guidance, I realized that no goal
was unattainable..... I am a licensed attorney in Pennsylvania and
Washington...and am now employed as a law clerk for the president judge of
the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. When these milestones in my young
career occurred, I called Dr. Soles first. When I got engaged, I called Dr.
Soles first. It was for all these reasons and many more unmentioned that I
asked Dr. Soles to be the best man in my wedding in August l991. And once
again, he was beloved by everyone." -Albert A. Citro III, Delaware '88

     "Dr. Soles took an interest in my life and taught me to take advantage
of all that was offered at the University of Delaware. He made me realize I
can achieve any goal.... Dr. Soles guided a freshman on academic probation
to a seat on the Board of Trustees upon graduation."-David Bolen, Delaware