Messenger - Vol. 2, No. 2, Page 24
Winter 1993
Relive campus experience with Delawareopoly

     Remember your college years fondly?
     Alumni now can relive their college experience with Delawareopoly, a
new game based on the classic board game Monopoly.
     Delawareopoly gives players a chance to become local business tycoons
while earning credits toward a college degree. The game consists of five
tokens, "Years of Credit" certificates, diplomas, play money, dice and a
game board lined with familiar University landmarks and favorite off-campus
night spots.
     "The game is exciting and fun to play because players are familiar
with the properties on the board," Paul H. Hanke, director of the
University Bookstore, says.
     If Lady Luck smiles on you and you have the cash, you can move into
Hullihen Hall, have Morris Library all to yourself or invite your friends
to have a good time at the Deer Park or the Stone Balloon.
     Players begin by placing their tokens in the center of the board.
     The player with the highest roll of the dice advances to "Register and
Proceed," and moves to the left according to the number of spaces indicated
on the dice.
     As in real life, the goal of the players is to earn enough credits to
graduate. "Years of Credit," indicated with red makers placed on the
various properties, are purchased in the same manner that houses and hotels
are in the original Monopoly game.
     Diplomas are indicated by white markers, and may be purchased when a
player has four "Years of Credit" on each group of properties.
     Old College ($425) and Memorial Hall ($375) command the highest asking
prices. And, you can set up your very own administration in Hullihen Hall
for just $80.
     The game is not without its pitfalls. By landing on spaces marked
"Contingency," a player may lose two turns as a result of having too much
fun at the Deer Park. Presumably, the player will study while waiting to
return to action.
     "Campus Mail" cards also are full of surprises that should be familiar
to both students and alumni. You may have to shell out $10 for laundry,
and, if you turn your alarm clock off, you could lose a turn while sleeping
     Two spaces on the board players will want to avoid are "Increased
Tuition," which reduces your bank account by $25, and "Car Fines," which
gives a hefty $75 parking ticket.
     The worst possible calamity is to be sent "Home." The unfortunate
player's turn ends on this spot, and a much-needed $200 is not collected.
     Escape from "Home" is possible by rolling doubles in any of the next
three rolls, or by paying $100 to "Spring Break," and moving forward the
number of spaces marked by the third roll of the dice.
     "Student workers at the bookstore went crazy when they saw the sample
copy," Theresa L. Maloney, a senior administrative assistant at the
bookstore, says. "The things they saw on the board really hit home. When
the actual games arrived, people couldn't wait to get one for themselves."
     According to a spokeswoman for Late For The Sky Production Co., which
markets Delawareopoly, the company produces similar games for about 75
universities nationwide, including nearby Temple and Villanova.
     In addition to the University Bookstore, the game is available locally
at Tuerkes in the Christiana Mall and by catalog from J.C. Penney Co.
                                   -Jerry Rhodes