Messenger - Vol. 2, No. 2, Page 12
Winter 1993
On Campus
New York souvenirs

     Architectural patterns, structure and space found in the urban
environment inspired a recent New York City exhibition of table-top objects
and sculptural jewelry by Anne Krohn Graham. The professor of art used
sterling silver, glass and anodized aluminum to create Table Top Towers,
left, a sculpture that becomes salt and pepper shakers, candle holders,
vessels and napkin ring balconies. Upper Manhattan, a cuff of 18- karat
gold and sterling silver, upper left, also was part of Graham's exhibition,
along with Picnic in Central Park, which disassembles into sculptural
eating tools, napkin ring, tongs and salt and pepper shakers. "I respond to
the light from interiors at night, public signs and graffiti, non-peopled
urban space as seen in aerial views, lattice frameworks, beamed ceilings
and apartment balconies," says Graham. "Urban structures of bridges,
elevators, escalators, grids, gratings, windows and fences become modules
in my design conception." She also has developed metalwork series around
Australian and African themes.