Messenger - Vol. 2, No. 2, Page 11
Winter 1993
On Campus
Area nurses can recertify with HEN video courses

     Area nurses may soon be spelling relief H.E.N., for the University of
Delaware's new Health Education Network.
     The debut of H.E.N. in April will make it possible for nurses, who
need 30 continuing education units (CEUs) every two years to renew their
licenses, to earn some of those credits at home.
     "This is an inexpensive way to provide quality continuing education to
nurses at a time and location convenient to them," says Betty Paulanka,
dean of the University's College of Nursing.
     The network is the brainchild of Paulanka and Laura Terrill, the
Medical Center of Delaware's director of education.  They were aided by
Assistant Professor Madeline Lambrecht, who has received national
recognition for her part in developing video and computer programs on
dealing with death.
     H.E.N., a partnership between the University's College of Nursing and
the Medical Center, in cooperation with the Delaware Nurses Association,
will present on-campus seminars on a variety of topics. The Medical Center
will work with the college on content and presentation and provide
     "The Medical Center has the people and medical equipment we don't
have, and we have the  teaching components they don't have. It will be a
good match of existing resources," Paulanka says.
     Seminars will be offered to nurses at a cost of $29.95 for video and
$19.95 for audiotape, with an additional $10 processing fee for the
pre- and post-tests that are part of the coursework.
     Five seminars, now in the preparation stages, will focus on legal
issues in nursing, laser technology, suicide, maternity nursing and
     The network will be administered by the University's Division of
Continuing Education, where a detailed brochure is available.
                                        -Barbara Garrison