Messenger - Vol. 2, No. 2, Page 21
Winter 1993
Director of education center named

     Paul G. LeMahieu, formerly director of research, evaluation and test
development for the Pittsburgh public schools, is director of the new
Delaware Educational Research and Development Center.
     Housed in the College of Education, the center is a joint project of
the University and the Delaware Department of Public Instruction. Funding
for the non-partisan, independent center-at about $6 million over five
years- comes from a combination of University, state and private sources.
     LeMahieu, who holds a master's degree in educational development and
evaluation from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a doctorate in
research methodology from the University of Pittsburgh, was responsible for
all research activities and the design of evaluation projects for the major
urban school district for 10 years.
     Initially, the Delaware center will seek to develop standards for
student achievement, teacher assessment, professional development and
curriculum design. Over time, the center is expected to develop an
authoritative data base on Delaware education from kindergarten through
12th grade.