Messenger - Vol. 2, No. 2, Page 21
Winter 1993
DeArmond receives honorary degree

     Anna Janney DeArmond, professor emeritus of English, was awarded an
honorary doctor of humane letters by the University at its Winter
     G. Burton Pearson Jr., a member of the Board of Trustees for more than
40 years, conferred the degree.
     In the citation, Pearson hailed her as a "distinguished educator,"
adding that her "dedication to the University of Delaware and to education
has inspired students since the beginning of (her) career more than 50
years ago...."
     Pearson quoted a former student who said, "Jan DeArmond has been my
teacher and my friend for more than 35 years, and all of you will recognize
instantly just how redundant that statement is-for the first thing any
student discovers about Jan DeArmond is that if you are her student, she is
your friend."
     DeArmond was the first recipient of the University's
excellence-in-teaching award in 1954, and she received it a second time in
1972. She was also the first woman in the University's history to be
promoted to full professor, and, in 1985, she was the first woman faculty
member to receive the University's Medal of Distinction.