Messenger - Vol. 2, No. 1, Page 13
Fall 1992
Capitol fellows

      University of Delaware legislative fellows are a valuable state
resource, providing non-partisan research to legislators in the Delaware
General Assembly.
      Now in its 10th year in the College of Urban Affairs and Public
Policy, the Legislative Fellows Program allows students to serve as staff
members to the Delaware General Assembly from January to June. For three
days a week, they conduct research, present data at meetings, answer
specific questions and provide legislators with information on current
      Each fall, applicants for the competitive program take an exam to
test their writing skills and ability to express themselves. Semi-finalists
move to an interview where they must articulate their ideas quickly. Last
fall, more than a dozen applicants made the interview stage; eight fellows
were chosen.
      Jerome Lewis, director of the Delaware Public Administration
Institute within the college, and Audrey Helfman, senior management analyst
in the institute, supervise and coordinate the program, which is
co-sponsored by the University and the General Assembly.
      "It's a real opportunity for us at the University, because the
program is an excellent laboratory for decision-making and learning about
people and government," Lewis said.
      The most recent group was given assignments ranging from summarizing
wetlands regulations to assessing a cultural exchange and trade
relationship between Delaware and the Yucatan, Mexico.
      Christopher Eisenberg, a Master of Public Administration candidate,
served four committees of the House of Representatives, including banking
and insurance and revenue and finance. One of his projects was to study a
"peer-lending" program that aids small, low-income businesses that would
not otherwise qualify for small business loans.
      Scott Tester, a graduate student in political science and
international relations, gave a policy briefing to the senate on health
care, comparing the governor's health care plan to those in other states
and countries.
      Daniel Ganz, an MPA student specializing in policy analysis, was
assigned research on environmental audits, an amendment for a prisoner
relief fund, job training seminars and legal analysis.
      After completing a doctorate in educational studies from the
University, Christine Kraft entered the MPA degree program, specializing in
educational and social service policy analysis. Assigned to the Senate
Family Task Force, she conducted research on economic factors that have
influenced families in the last two decades.
                                   --Laura Reisinger, Delaware '92