Messenger - Vol. 2, No. 1, Page 16
Fall 1992
Between the Covers

Ornament in Indian Architecture by Margaret Prosser Allen, University of
Delaware Press. A painter and sculptor, Allen taught art at the University
from 1942-1975. Her book includes more than 400 photographs of sculpture,
carvings, archways, friezes, temples and other structures as seen through
the eyes of an artist. Allen began her research on Indian architecture in
1959 when she accompanied her husband Ned, a University English professor,
on a Fullbright fellowship. She returned in 1967, and over the next four
years, the Smithsonian Institution sponsored a traveling exhibition of more
than 50 of her photographs of the Sanchi Stupa, an ancient Buddhist

Rural Development in South Korea: A Sociopolitical Analysis by William W.
Boyer, Charles Polk Messick Professor of Public Administration, and Byong
Man Ahn, Distinguished Visiting Lecturer. University of Delaware Press. The
authors look at rural development in South Korea, drawing policy
implications and suggesting strategies for other developing countries.

Meant to Be Wild by Jan DeBlieu, Delaware '77. Fulcrum. The book focuses on
the dwindling North Carolina red wolf population.

Teaching Hearts and Minds: College Students Reflect on the Vietnam War in
Literature by Barry M. Kroll, Delaware '68. Southern Illinois University
Press. Kroll, an associate professor of English at Indiana University,
tells of experiences with his writing class as it responds to the
literature of the Vietnam War and engages in critical reflection of the
war's literary, historical and ethical meanings. He focuses on student
voices and their personal and emotional responses to the war and its

When Good Kids Do Bad Things by Katherine Gordy Levine, Delaware '59. W.W.
Norton and Co. Insightful, witty, gifted at conveying the kind of loving
concern that asks hard questions, the author offers straight talk and
practical solutions for every parent who feels puzzled or hurt by
surprising misbehavior of good kids.

Tales of Delaware by Roger A. Martin, Delaware '61, '72M. Self-published.
The author includes 21 varied tales of the First State, including stories
of the Revolutionary War battle at Cooch's Bridge and the 1979 Blue Hen
football team's "Shootout at Youngstown."

Letters from the Lost Generation, edited by Linda Patterson Miller,
Delaware '79M. Rutgers University Press. Collecting and arranging the
previously unpublished correspondence of Gerald and Sara Murphy and their
circle of friends (Ernest Hemingway, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, John Dos
Passos, to name some), the editor has painted a portrait of what she calls
"a group of people who were friends and then very close friends" from the
late 1920s through the early 1960s.

Applied Polymer Analysis and Characterization (Vol. II), edited by John
Mitchell Jr., Delaware '45M. Oxford University Press. This new volume
serves as an up-to-date critical guide to new and modified techniques,
containing 14 specially invited chapters, prepared by internationally
recognized authorities.

Checklist of Melville Reviews  by Hershel Parker, H. Fletcher Brown
Professor of English, and Kevin Hayes. Northwestern University Press. Ever
since the Melville revival of the 1920s-when Moby Dick was reprinted and
the manuscript of Billy Budd was discovered-critics have hunted down
19th-century reviews of Herman Melville's work to determine how he could
pass out of the American literary consciousness and live out the last half
of his life anonymously as a customs inspector at Manhattan's Gansevoort
Street Pier. The authors provide an indispensable research tool to
students of 19th-century literature.

Badge of Betrayal by Lisa Petrillo, Delaware '80, and Joe Cantlupe. Avon
Books. The book is the riveting, true account of a brutal, motiveless
murder of a 20-year-old woman by California highway patrolman Craig Alan
Peyer and the two trials that followed.

Friendship Matters by William K. Rawlins, Delaware '75. The book explores
how friendships change and stay the same throughout one's life, and gives
insights to parents on how friendship fits into their child's life and its
role in their development through adulthood.

The Tet Offensive  by James J. Wirtz, Delaware '80, '84M. Cornell
University Press. In this account of one of the worst intelligence failures
in American history, the author explains why U.S. forces were surprised by
the North Vietnamese Tet Offensive in 1968, reconstructing the turning
point of the Vietnam War in unprecedented detail.