Messenger - Vol. 2, No. 1, Page 16
Fall 1992
Parallel Program continues

      A new two-year agreement marks the continuation of the Delaware
Tech/University of Delaware Parallel Program, which allows about 1,000
students a year to take liberal arts classes on the three campuses of
Delaware Technical and Community College.
      The University will continue to admit students, select professors,
determine the curriculum and set the tuition.
      Del Tech will provide classroom space and library support at its
Wilmington campus, Southern campus at Georgetown and Terry campus in Dover.
Under a formal referral system, students not meeting University standards
for the program will be directed to Del Tech for alternate study courses or
remedial work.
      Both institutions now will present a joint proposal to the state for
funds, which are then to be placed into two budget lines within the office
of the president of Del Tech, Thomas S. Kubula. The operations budget will
pay for buildings, energy, supplies and computer time, while the academics
budget will pay for staff and faculty.
      The agreement provides that tuition should not be more than 10
percent above Del Tech tuition and will not be more than 50 percent of
University tuition. This year, Parallel Program students are paying $49 per
hour, compared with a University rate of $141 and a Del Tech rate of
      Parallel students will pay the same student service and course
material fees as do Del Tech students, with these fees going to pay for
supplies, equipment and library reference books.
      In support of the parallel program, Del Tech will change over to the
semester system used by the University by September 1993. The University
will assist Del Tech in meeting its liberal arts requirement for
accreditation as a community college. Both schools will make semiannual
reviews of the program, and the new contract is renewable if both
institutions agree.
      "This agreement provides for a good, solid working relationship
between the two institutions," says John T. Brook, vice president for
government and public relations and a member of the University's
negotiation team.
      According to John A. Murray, acting dean, "This agreement between Del
Tech and the University is a partnership whose emphasis is on quality
education and building a collegial, business-like relationship based on
cooperation and mutual respect. The spirit will guide the future of the
      The parallel program was first established by the University in 1967.
An internal search is under way for a permanent dean of the program to take
office in July 1993.