Messenger - Vol. 2, No. 1, Page 8
Fall 1992
New association board members selected

      The University of Delaware Alumni Association's Board of Directors
approved new members to serve three-year terms, effective April 14. They
are Susan Scott Ashman, Delaware '80, '82M; Elizabeth Furbush Behringer,
Delaware '67; Eunice Ziegler Craig, Delaware '68, '80M; Vincent James
DeLeo, Delaware '67; Donald J. Lowe Jr., Delaware '66; and Robert Sherrell,
Delaware '79.
      Ashman, of Norristown, Pa., is coordinator of student services at the
Pennsylvania State University King of Prussia Center. Former chairperson of
the Alumni Association Awards Committee, she was president and vice
president of the Education Alumni Association.
      Behringer, of Wilmington, Del., is a teacher at the A.I. du Pont
Middle School. Active in the Human Resources Alumni Association (HRAA), she
was its president and chairperson of the corporate sponsor committee, and
is immediate past chairperson of the Alumni Association Awards Committee.
      Craig, of Dover, Del., director of human resources at Kent General
Hospital, is a member of the Frear Commission of Kent County, formed to
strengthen the ties between the University and its alumni in that region. A
member of the Alumni Association Advancement Committee, Craig is a board
member and volunteer trainer for the University of Delaware Cooperative
Extension's family and community leadership program and is president of the
Caesar Rodney School District Board of Education.
      DeLeo, of Dover, Del., is president of Physical Therapy Services. He
and his wife, Frances, are charter members of the Volunteer Admissions
Support Team (VAST). DeLeo serves on the Frear Commission and is the
Governor's appointee to the Delaware State Board of Physical Therapists.
      Lowe, of Alexandria, Va., is a sales account executive with Bausch &
Lomb. A class representative, he organized the Class of 1966 phonathon and
was a featured speaker at the 1991 Class Representatives Conference.
      Sherrell, of Dover, Del., is a family therapist at the Philadelphia
Child Guidance Clinic. A past president of the Black Alumni Organization,
he participates in its annual phonathon to prospective students, and he
serves on the Alumni Association Awards Committee.