Messenger - Vol. 2, No. 1, Page 21
Fall 1992
Chemistry ranks 16th in grads

      For the 12th consecutive year, the Department of Chemistry and
Biochemistry has produced one of the 25 largest graduating classes of
chemistry majors certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS).
      In an article in the May 18 issue of Chemical and Engineering News,
Delaware was ranked 16th (tied with Harvard University) among 599
ACS-certified schools in 1991.
      Only nine of these 599 schools have appeared in the top 25 in all 12
      Schools in this category and the number of graduates in 1991 are the
University of California at San Diego, 692; University of Michigan, 660;
University of Illinois at Urbana, 658; University of Texas at Austin, 658;
Illinois State University, 431; University of North Carolina, 413;
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 412; Delaware, 395; and Indiana
University, 354.