Messenger - Vol. 1, No. 3, Page 20
Spring 1992
Recent bequests

     For more than 20 years, Helen Black Stewart, Delaware '24, '40M,
taught American history at Wilmington High School. To further her
life's work and to honor her late husband, E. Lyman Stewart, Delaware
'23, Mrs. Stewart bequeathed $1.3 million to the Department of
History. The income from the E. Lyman Stewart Fellowship Fund will
provide fellowships for graduate students specializing in American
history and support for students who have a special interest in the
history of Delaware. The bequest seeks to encourage study in such
areas as rural history, business and economic history, material
culture, the immigrant experience and the history of women and
     A fascination with the ocean and the coast led Mildred Hargadine
Harrington to donate her extensive seashell collection to the
University in 1988 and, two years later, to bequeath more than $1
million to the College of Marine Studies. Mrs. Harrington's husband,
Maxwell Plater Harrington, Delaware '50, worked for the federal
government in marine sciences, serving as a civil engineer at Camp
Lejeune, the U.S. Marine Corps base in Jacksonville, N.C. Before her
death, Mrs. Harrington expressed her interest in the marine
environment by supporting the college as a marine associate. Income
from the Maxwell Plater Harrington and Mildred Hargadine Harrington
Fund will be used to enrich the educational programs of the College of
Marine Sciences.
     For more information on charitable gifts, contact Paula M.
Tilmon, Planned Giving Program, University Development, University of
Delaware, Newark, DE 19716-0701.