Messenger - Vol. 1, No. 3, Page 13
Spring 1992
Let the Ecogames begin!

     Students in the University's residence halls are taking shorter
showers, turning out lights and carrying reusable mugs to dining halls
and the Scrounge.
     As part of the 1992 Ecolympics sponsored by the Student
Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC), the residence halls are in
competition to conserve energy and recycle. Special meters have been
installed in the residence halls to measure water, heat and
electricity usage during April, and recycling efforts will continue to
be monitored. Awards will be presented to the winning halls.
     Ecolympic organizers (from left) Sean Brooks, Delaware '92, Craig
Zylka, Delaware '94, and Kim Strauss, Delaware '92, of SEAC worked
with plant operations and housing and residence life staff in
preparing for the competition.
     Among the other Ecolympic events are taps-off (when shaving or
brushing teeth), can and bottle toss (into recycling bins) and hotline
calls (to report leaky faucets or broken equipment to plant