Messenger - Vol. 1, No. 3, Page 15
Spring 1992
Images of women

     To celebrate Women's History Month in March, Alyn Fenn (left) and
Mary Ann Bucklin, graduate students in art, created a  walk-through
sensory exhibit they call "The Remembering Cave." The cave's
papier-mache walls are painted with representations of female dieties,
symbols and quotations by famous women from Eastern and Western
civilizations. Music by women performers, from traditional Japanese
folk singers to American blues artist Bessie Smith, is interspersed
with a heartbeat and poetry readings from the works of ancient and
contemporary women writers. "It's been a trip," says Fenn. "As we
researched the lives of women, many of whom we had never heard of, it
breathed life into women's history and reinforced my values."