Messenger - Vol. 1, No. 3, Page 7
Spring 1992
Delaware Diamonds Society

     Invitations to enroll in the new Delaware Diamonds Society were
extended in March to more than 500 alumni and friends. Some 300
enrollments already have been received and many others are expected
before this initial enrollment campaign concludes in June.
     Alumni and friends may join the Delaware Diamonds Society for
five years by pledging or contributing $5,000 or more over a five-year
period. According to Charles S. "Chuck" Joanedis, Delaware '50,
chairperson of the society, such pledges will assure the University a
steady and predictable flow of gift income, which is crucial for a
secure financial future. In addition, donors may become Diamonds
members by giving a lifetime total of $50,000, or by providing for
deferred gifts of insurance, bequests or life income trusts of $25,000
or more.
     Who are some of the new society members?

     * A 1952 graduate of the College of Engineering has purchased a
       $50,000 life insurance policy, with the University as owner and
     * An alumnus living in Wisconsin pledged $5,000 to the Carpenter
       Center, paying $1,000 a year.
     * A faculty member contributed more than $13,000 to establish an
       endowment supporting student research in the University Honors
     * A history graduate established and continues to contribute to a
       scholarship for an outstanding student majoring in music.
     * A member of the Class of 1948 contributed $7,500 to the Scotty
       Duncan Memorial Scholarship in the College of Physical
       Education, Athletics and Recreation.

     Gifts and pledges may be directed to any recognized gift purpose,
including colleges and departments, the library, sports and other
extracurricular activities, scholarships, research funds, endowments
and building campaigns.