Messenger - Vol. 1, No. 2, Page 16
Winter 1992
Portrait of nursing graduates
University of Delaware nursing graduates practice in 47 states, Puerto
Rico and 10 foreign countries. They are Ph.D.s, lawyers, doctors and
administrators. They have written books and contributed to hundreds of
articles and book chapters.
     Delaware alumni of the College of Nursing have served in Vietnam
and in the Persian Gulf.
     That portrait of nursing graduates was assembled by a committee
coordinating the College of Nursing's 25th anniversary celebration.
     Julie Waterhouse, assistant professor of nursing and member of
the committee, calculated that data based on information received from
approximately 458 alumni of the 3,000 who have graduated since the
College of Nursing was created in 1966.
     Facts were compiled from several sources, including responses to
a questionnaire sent by the video unit of the Instructional Technology
Center seeking material for an historical video about the college.
     "We took information from a survey for the anniversary video, a
questionnaire we sent out with the last newsletter and previous
responses from an alumni survey," Waterhouse says.
     She found that 20 percent of nursing graduates have gone on to
earn master's degrees and Ph.D.s or have become lawyers, physicians
and health-care administrators. Sixteen percent are working in
leadership positions as directors of nursing, managers, head nurses,
supervisors and hospital vice presidents. Approximately 7 percent are
doing research, consulting, writing or are in private practice, and 10
percent are university deans or faculty members.