Messenger - Vol. 1, No. 2, Page 4
Winter 1992
Faculty honored nationally for instructional technology
     Four Delaware faculty were among 100 "success stories" nationally
identified this fall at an EDUCOM conference  because their use of
instructional technology has improved teaching and learning in higher
     Selected from more than 300 nominees nationwide were Gerald R.
Culley, associate professor of foreign languages and literatures;
Louise Little, associate professor of nutrition: Larry W. Peterson,
associate professor of music; and Fred T. Hofstetter, director of the
Instructional Technology Center.
     EDUCOM is a non-profit consortium of 600 higher education
institutions and 105 corporate affiliates that encourages the
introduction, use, access to and management of technology in teaching,
learning scholarship and research.
     Culley was recognized for his Latin Skills software for IBM
microcomputers. His three-lesson program builds skill in Latin
translation and word formation and adds an individual tutorial to the
elementary Latin course.
     Little videotaped a nutrition and dietetics class in the
University's instructional television studio, making it possible to
offer a self-paced section of the course. The videotaped section has
received positive student reviews and allows Little to accommodate
more students.
     Peterson was recognized for a lesson from his Interacting with
Music Series, which uses an interactive videodisc to teach aspects of
music appreciation. The lesson, which runs on the IBM Info Window
System,  moves some listening and lecture time outside the classroom.
     Hofstetter's GUIDO Music Learning System, designed for IBM
microcomputers, assists music students in the development of their
aural perception, or ear-training, skills. Students use GUIDO outside
the classroom, working at their own pace and concentrating on areas of
greatest need.
     EDUCOM plans to publish the 100 success stories in a book and an
on-line data base.