Messenger - Vol. 1, No. 2, Page 30
Winter 1992
Extended family
When President David Roselle told parents at New Student Orientation
that the University of Delaware tries to make a large University seem
like a family, Ina and Marvin Smernoff said they didn't know how soon
those words would come true. Their son, Robert, broke his foot last
fall, and Department of Public Safety employees took him to the
hospital for diagnosis and to the orthopedic surgeon on the next day.
In a letter to President Roselle and Douglas Tuttle, director of
public safety, the Smernoffs wrote: "Because we are from Connecticut,
we could not possibly have provided Rob with the help he needed. What
a comforting feeling for the parents of a Connecticut freshman to know
that such accommodating and competent help is available. We cannot
thank you enough."