Messenger - Vol. 1, No. 2, Page 28
Winter 1992
Delaware Diamonds of great value
     The Delaware Diamonds-an organization that traditionally has
recognized significant support from University alumni and friends-has
been reorganized to honor exemplary, long-term commitments to the
University. Enrollment of new members is under way.
     "The Delaware Diamonds Society will honor the University's most
generous contributors," according to Charles S. Joanedis, Delaware
'50, who serves as chairperson pro tem of the new society. "This will
be the 'club' to belong to for Delaware alumni and friends committed
to enhancing the outstanding qualities of the University of Delaware."
     A member of the University's Advisory Committee on Private
Support, Joanedis received the Alumni Association's Outstanding
Alumnus Award last year.
     The new society recognizes individuals who give or pledge $5,000
or more over a five-year period, to the University. Membership also
will be granted to persons who make or have made deferred giving
commitments and bequests of $25,000 or more and to those whose
lifetime giving totals reach $50,000. In addition, enrollment will be
granted to all who have contributed or pledged $5,000 or more during
the past two giving years (from July 1, 1989, to June 30, 1991). The
new five-year term memberships begin with the current 1991-92 giving
     A volunteer organization reporting to the president, the society
will work actively to expand its membership and will bring Diamonds
and members of the campus community together to discuss the successes,
challenges and needs of the University. Future plans call for an
annual black-tie event to honor society members for their generosity
to the University.
     Concurrent with the establishment of the Diamonds society, the
University also has created a new gift club to recognize annual gifts.
The Blue Hen Club has been established, bringing together the former
Diamonds, University Associates, Society of a Thousand and Century
Club, to recognize annual contributions of $100 and more.
     Donors who pledge membership in the new Delaware Diamonds Society
and make gift payments each year will be recognized in two ways,
Joanedis explained, by the new society for their long-term commitments
and by the Blue Hen Club for their gifts received during each giving
     Joanedis currently is building a committee of alumni and friends
experienced in fund-raising who will make personal follow-ups to the
new society's membership invitations, which are being extended this
     For more information, contact: Peter D. Shultz, Coordinator,
Delaware Diamonds Society, Office of University Development, Academy
Building, University of Delaware, Newark, DE 19716-0701. Telephone:
(302) 831-2104