Messenger - Vol. 1, No. 1, Page 41
Fall 1991
1990-91 Report of Private Support
College of Education

     Gifts to the College of Education increased significantly during
1990-91. More than $104,000 was contributed to the College by alumni
and friends. The Education Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Fund
has grown from $18,600 in FY '90 to $40,100 in FY '91, mainly as a
result of phonathon pledges. Two $400 scholarships were awarded during
FY '90 and two $1,000 scholarships were granted during FY '91.
     Pledges totaling more than $27,600 were received for the
college's Alumni Association Scholarship Fund from fall and spring
phonathons. Patricia A. Tabasso, one of the college's student
phonathon callers, was chosen by the Education Alumni Association to
receive one of the two $1,000 scholarships awarded for the 1991-92
academic year.