Messenger - Vol. 1, No. 1, Page 37
Fall 1991
1990-91 Report of Private Support
Classes give specific gifts

     For several years, the 50-, 25- and 10-year reunion classes have
provided special gifts to the University in honor of their milestone
     The Class of 1941 continues to raise funds for Morris Library
under the direction of Edward W. Cooch Jr., Esq. and a reunion
committee including Jane King Bennett, Leon W. Adams, Jane Gaffney
Drake, Duane Jester Eddy, George and Helen Pierson Houchin, Marjorie
Jones Lovett, Rita O'Hara Shaffer, Elva Grogan Warren and Sarah
Simpson Webb.
     Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Class of 1966 decided to
establish an endowed scholarship fund. Classmates will call their
peers on behalf of the class project during a summer phonathon.
Patricia Fisher Macky is heading this effort.
     The Class of 1981 is combining with the Class of 1982 to fund the
videotape room in the new Bob Carpenter Sports/Convocation Center.
Patricia May is Class of 1981 representative.
     Recent 50-year reunion classes have designated their gifts to
scholarship endowment. The Class of 1939 requested that its
scholarship fund become part of the College of Nursing Endowment Fund.
John E. Healy II, Matthew Hirshout and James Hutchison were class
leaders in the effort.
     The largest fund ever presented to the University by a reunion
class, the $100,000 Class of 1940 Scholarship Endowment, will award
scholarships from the fund's income each year to a member in each of
the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes. Trustee Kay
Flickinger, Robert V. A. Harra and a reunion committee including Harry
David Zutz and Theresa Adams spearheaded the fund.
     The Classes of 1942, under the leadership of Jane Sinclair and
Alice Rhinehart, and 1944, with Gail Smith and William B. Clements as
leaders, have begun work on their respective class gifts.