Messenger - Vol. 1, No. 1, Page 44
Fall 1991
1990-91 Report of Private Support
Charitable bequests, deferred gifts provide support

Recently executed planned gifts
     Each year, many generous alumni and friends help ensure the
future strength of the University of Delaware by executing bequests
and other planned gifts to the University.
     The following individuals recently provided for future support to
the University as a part of their estate plans: Frederic G. Krapf, Jr.
'44-an irrevocable charitable remainder trust; John F. Horty
'49-bequest for Arts and Science; Mr. and Mrs. John B. Roberts, Dr.and
Mrs. Glen D. Barbaras and Mr. and Mrs. Isaac H. Whyte, Jr. (Jean Boyd
'37)-recent contributions to the University's pooled income fund to
benefit the Academy of Lifelong Learning; Dr. and Mrs. Karl W. Boer-a
life insurance gift to endow a professorship in the field of solar
energy; Mrs. Joseph P. Maxwell-bequest to support Colburn Laboratory;
Roscoe M. Lewis, Jr.'50-bequest to establish a named scholarship in
electrical engineering; Elizabeth Manchester '35-bequest to benefit
the Academy of Lifelong Learning; A. Barton Lewis '46-bequest for
civil engineering; Charles E. Chandler '31-bequest for a scholarship
in chemical engineering; and three anonymous charitable remainder
trusts-support for chemistry, agricultural sciences, and to provide
unrestricted support.
     In addition, Louis B. Bloom- bequest to establish the Constance
Bloom Scholarship Fund for Agricultural Sciences; combination of
outright gifts and bequest by Claudia M. Horsey-for the Horsey-Wolfe
Scholarship Fund; Mr. and Mrs. Vincent L. Mayer '33 (Jean Lentz Mayer
MA '58)-joint bequests to establish the Vincent L. Mayer Scholarship
Fund to support students participating in football or baseball at the
University; and Mr. and Mrs. Milman E. Prettyman Jr. '50- charitable
remainder trust for unrestricted support.

Recently matured bequests and other planned gifts
     In fiscal year 1990-1991, the University received in excess of
$2.5 million through bequests and other planned gifts.The following
matured bequests and other deferred gifts were received in accordance
with the donors' wills: Berta M. Church '60- for the Academy of
Lifelong Learning; Charlotte R. Collins '30- unrestricted bequest;
trust income from the Helen Covey Eaton Trust as well as from the
Henrietta Feuerstein '39 Trust; Clarence Fraim- unrestricted bequest;
W.W. Laird- bequest; Katherine E. Ranta-for scholarships in the
College of Nursing; Henry Belin Robertson-for the P.S. du Pont
Memorial Fund; Ernest W. Sipple 1897-partial distribution; Betty Lee
Talbot-for the Ralph L. Talbot Scholarship Fund; Wilson C. Hatfield
'25-for agricultural sciences and arts and science; George A. Prouse
'29-for scholarship support; Everett F. Warrington '07-farmland for
the benefit of the College of Agricultural Sciences and the
Cooperative Extension Service; Emily B. Diffenback-her Westover Hills
residence with proceeds from its sale to be used for beautification of
the University campus; Andrew Allison-unrestricted support; Mrs.
Arthur Carter-for scholarships in accounting; and Frances L. Bow-for
an endowed fund for the College of Marine Studies.
     Unrestricted bequests were received under the estates of Gilbert
Chambers '21 and J. Henry Smith '30. Bequests were received from Dr.
George Henry-for the College of Education and the Academy of Lifelong
Learning; W. Dent Smith '22-for the College of Nursing and the winter
skiing program; Elizabeth C. Wright in memory of Thomas E. Clayton.
     The University has received a partial distribution of Mrs.
Maxwell P. Harrington's bequest to create an endowed fund for the
benefit of the College of Marine Studies. Helen S. Hill '26 bequeathed
her entire estate to provide substantial unrestricted support.
Essentially, the entire estate of Helen B. Stewart '24 was also
bequeathed to the University and will establish an endowed fund for
the benefit of the Department of History. Partial distribution has
been received.
     All of these gifts reflect the strong commitment of many generous
alumni and friends. Bequests and other deferred gifts will play a
vital role in the continued quality of education at the University of
Delaware far into the future.