Messenger - Vol. 1, No. 1, Page 33
Fall 1991
1990-91 Report of Private Support
Changes in donor recognition set for 1991-92

A new Delaware Diamond Society formed
     In a new format, the time-honored name of Delaware Diamonds will
continue to designate the exemplary donors who lead all others in
support of the University's dreams and goals. The reorganized Delaware
Diamonds will honor those who make gifts or pledge an amount totaling
$5,000 or more, to be paid within a five-year period. Honor
recognition levels will include those who commit amounts of $10,000,
$25,000 or $50,000, to be paid within five years. Diamonds members may
make unrestricted gifts, or contribute for current use, endowment or
capital campaigns.
     Delaware Diamonds membership is for five years, renewable through
new gift commitments at the end of each term. Diamonds members will
solicit pledges of support, and the organization will sponsor
recognition events and occasions to bring members close to the
University and to interact with the students, faculty members and
programs their gifts help support.
     The Society will recognize as members those who make deferred
gift provisions in the form of bequests, life income arrangements and
insurance gifts of $25,000 or more.
     Complete information on the new Delaware Diamonds Society will be
sent in the fall to all recent Diamonds members and to other annual
giving club members.

Matching gifts count toward recognition - but timing crucial
     Due to the continually increasing number of alumni who wisely are
increasing the value of their personal gifts to the University through
corporate matching, the record keeping necessary for according gift
club status for anticipated matching funds will not be possible,
beginning in 1991-92. Corporate matching funds received during the
fiscal year will continue to count toward the individual donor's
qualification for gift club status. Donors will recognize that it is
wise to contribute early in the giving year in order to have matching
claims processed during the same year.

BlueHen Club debut
     In the reorganization of annual giving club honor levels, each
year donors of $100 and over will become members of the Blue Hen Club.
Those Blue Hens giving at the $250 level or above will be recognized
by name each year, along with their peers in giving, in a special
edition of The University of Delaware Messenger. Donors are reminded
that the University giving year runs from July 1 to June 30 and
crosses two calendar years.

Options for giving will increase in 1991-92
     Alumni may expect to receive several solicitation letters or
calls during each giving year as the University continues to upgrade
efforts to give many options for giving. "We recognize that academic
areas, sports teams, student activities, and reunion classes each have
their own loyal constituents who may respond to one or more requests
for funds," Louis J. Beccaria, director of development, said. "By
giving several options, alumni will have an opportunity to focus their
giving if they wish, and may choose to support as many areas as they

New Homecoming event
     Alumni and friends returning to campus for Homecoming 1991 may
join in a spirited Homecoming Dance the Friday evening of Homecoming
weekend at Carpenter Sports Building behind Old College. The Donor
Recognition Reception originated years ago by members of the Century
Club will not be held in 1991. With attendance outgrowing the spaces
available at Clayton Hall and after budget constraints were
considered, a new event has been planned for Friday, Oct. 4. It will
be open with a fee to all alumni returning for Homecoming and will
feature The Fabulous Greaseband with rock 'n roll music from the '50s,
'60s, and '70s. For ticket information, please call the Alumni Office
(302) 451-2341.