Messenger - Vol. 1, No. 1, Page 30
Fall 1991
New association officers and board members chosen
     The University of Delaware Alumni Association's Board of
Directors has approved a slate of new officers to serve two-year terms
and new board members to serve three-year terms. The new officers and
board members assumed their positions on April 9.
     Officers are President Barbara H. Stratton, Delaware '78; Vice
President Steven W. Bonine, Delaware '78; Secretary Barbara Jenkinson
Owens, Delaware '58; and Treasurer Robert F. Teeven, Delaware '86.
     Board members are Paul R. Goodman, Delaware '77; Carol O'Neill
Mayhew, Delaware '64, '71M, '78M, '84Ed.D.; Richard S. Mroz, Delaware,
Delaware '83; and Neysa Gaines Smith, Delaware '76.

Association Officers
     Barbara H. Stratton, an attorney, is an associate with Ashby,
McKelvie & Geddes in Wilmington. Formerly board vice president, she
has chaired the advancement and the career planning committees. The
Wilmington resident also was a director on the Alumni Association
     Steven W. Bonine of Wilmington is a quality consultant for the
automotive division of the Du Pont Co. A former director of the Alumni
Association board, Bonine was chairperson of the corporate outreach
committee and a founding member of the career planning committee.
     Barbara Jenkinson Owens of Newark has been an instructor in the
Colonial School District for 28 years. A former director of the Alumni
Association board and a two-term president of the Education Alumni
Association, Owens is the 1991-92 chairperson of the Volunteer
Admissions Support Team. She received this year's Alumni Association
Outstanding Alumna Award.
     Robert F. Teeven of Newark is president of Teeven Holding Co. A
former director of the Alumni Association board, Teeven chairs the
finance committee. Previously, he was a member of the awards and the
young alumni committees.

Board Members
     Paul R. Goodman of Wilmington owns the Fashion Shop Inc. He was
recording secretary of the Business and Economics Alumni Association
and is a two-term chairperson of the career planning committee.
     Carol O'Neill Mayhew of New Castle is state director of
instruction in the Delaware Department of Instruction. President of
the Delaware Association of School Administrators, Mayhew received the
College of Human Resources Outstanding Alumni Award in 1989 and is a
member of the Alumni Wall of Fame.
     Richard S. Mroz of Voorhees, N.J., is an attorney for the County
of Camden, N.J. Mroz leads the Southern New Jersey Alumni Chapter, is
a member of the chapter relations committee and chaired the advisory
committee of the Volunteer Admissions Support Team.
     Neysa Gaines Smith of Wilmington teaches at McVey Elementary
School. As a two-term president of the Black Alumni Organization,
Smith was a satellite representative to the Alumni Association board.
                                   --Marie Kennedy, Delaware '92