Messenger - Vol. 1, No. 1, Page 2
Fall 1991
New University logo celebrates proud past, exciting future

     Greetings! I hope you enjoy reading all the news in this new
publication for alumni and friends. The Messenger is a name recognized
by many friends of the University of Delaware, and it is impressive to
read of the individual and institutional accomplishments reported on
these pages. I draw your attention to the special insert included in
this issue-The Report of Private Support. This insert details a banner
year for fundraising, and it chronicles commitment by many, many
alumni, friends, students, parents, faculty and staff, as well as
numerous foundations and corporations. To all who gave generously, I
offer sincere thanks on behalf of the University of Delaware. We will
dedicate our efforts to being an institution that well deserves your
continuing support and the support of many additional friends and
     As we begin the 1991-92 academic year, I hope many of you will be
able to visit the campus. You will notice something new. We're
celebrating. Celebrating all that comprises the University of
Delaware. Celebrating what's new and exciting about this University,
evident through numerous ongoing and just-completed construction and
renovation projects, as well as what's been nurtured and valued for
nearly 250 years-a proud tradition. One very visible part of this
celebration is a new University logo-the UD, popularized over the
years by the University of Delaware Marching Band. The new University
logo, designed by Monroe Givens, Delaware '75, is now beginning to
appear on Bookstore merchandise, University stationery, signs, shuttle
buses and more. The most visible display is the bright blue and gold
banners sporting the new logo extending down South College Avenue.
     I hope you're able to come visit your University this academic
year and to join in our celebration. Thank you for your continuing

     Best wishes,

     David P. Roselle