Messenger - Vol. 1, No. 1, Page 29
Fall 1991
Mission: Possible

     Gary Mink, Delaware '74, is establishing a medical laboratory and
80-bed hospital in Ankasi, Ghana, in West Africa,  starting with a
concrete-block building that lacks electricity and an adequate water
     Mink, who left in May, says the top priority for the first six
months is to learn the native language, Twi.  "We need to learn the
local language before we can really help the people,"  said Mink,
whose wife and two daughters are with him.
     Sponsored by the Mission for United Methodists, the Minks will
live in Ghana for three years, return home for a year and probably
return to Ghana for another three-year stay. Mink's long-term goal is
to transform the present day-clinic into a hospital run by local
practitioners.  The medical technology major was most recently vice
president of human resources at Medlab Clinical Testing Inc. of