Messenger - Vol. 1, No. 1, Page 45
Fall 1991
1990-91 Report of Private Support
All gifts enhance University's future

Gifts from corporations, foundations, and organizations
     Each year the University of Delaware receives support for
research, scholarships, current operations and capital projects from
local, regional and national corporations, foundations and
organizations. This gift support is greatly apreciated and hereby
acknowledged; it excludes sponsored research. Contributions during the
1990-91 year totalled $4,250,505 from corporations (an increase of 1
percent). Foundation gift support increased 31 percent to $6,928,098,
while organizations contributed $325,538, a 5 percent decrease, to the
work of the University.

Memorial and honorary gifts
     In celebration of the lives of deceased alumni, friends and
students, nearly 1,000 persons sent gifts to the University in memory
of a loved one during 1990-91. Often the designations are to an area
or program of special interest to the honoree. Contributions honoring
current and retired faculty, alumni and students were also made in
recognition of special events such as anniversaries or graduation.
     The family of the late Lawrence B. Cann '10 initiated a
scholarship fund in his memory. At the time of Cann's death one week
before his 100th birthday in 1990, he was the University's oldest
     The spring 1991 retirements of Donald Crossan, dean of the
College of Agricultural Sciences, and Helen Gouldner, dean of the
College of Arts and Science, saw scholarship endowments established in
their names.
     The death of Douglas Carpentier, Class of 1991, resulted in an
outpouring of gifts to establish a sportsmanship award for an
intramural softball team.
     Longtime golf coach, Raymond "Scotty" Duncan also died in 1990.
Memorial gifts benefitted the U.D. golf program, and a scholarship
fund was established in his memory.
     Gifts may be made at any time in honor of or in memory of a
student, alumnus/a, faculty or family member. Information concerning
establishing endowment funds named for a specific person may be
obtained by writing the Office of University Development, Academy
Building, University of Delaware, Newark, DE 19716 or calling (302)
451-2104. Checks should be made payable to the University of Delaware
with the notation of the fund or person being honored. Memorial and
honorary gifts are a living tribute and are deeply appreciated by both
family and the University.

Recognition of donors
     Every gift is important to the University of Delaware. Donors can
take pride in the knowledge that they are affirming their interest in
the University's future. To conserve resources, the names of donors of
$250 or more are listed in this publication. It no longer is possible
to name every donor or to double list by giving category as well as by
alumni class year. Donors will recognize that this action is necessary
in order to enable even more of the University's funds to be used for
educational pursuits.