Messenger - Vol. 1, No. 1, Page 35
Fall 1991
1990-91 Report of Private Support
A.L.L. dream realized in Arsht Hall

     The University's Academy of Lifelong Learning (A.L.L.), founded
in 1980, has been known for its members' strong volunteerism and their
love of intellectual stimulation. Members not only devote time and
energy to the Academy's Council and its 23 working committees, but
take lectures, concerts and dramatic productions into retirement homes
and senior centers to spread the concept and excitement of
post-retirement learning.
     More than 100 volunteers worked with enthusiasm to raise $1
million toward the new home for A.L.L. to match the $1 million gift of
members Roxana C. and S. Samuel Arsht. Former two-term Academy Council
Chairman Robert Grimble, Vice Chairman Charles H. (Buck) Arrington,
and Vice Chairman Sig Ettinger oversaw solicitation from fellow A.L.L.
members and the community. The other members of the Academy's
fundraising advisory committee who also served as captains and workers
are: Roxana and Samuel Arsht, Glen Barbaras, Thomas Chase, Elizabeth
Manchester '35, David E. Morrison, Albert Spivey '89, William Swayze
'38 and Robert Tiews.
     "I expected a great effort from the fundraising committee,"
Grimble said, "and I was tremendously pleased that they raised nearly
$700,000 from Academy members and another $300,000 from foundations
and area businesses. Participation was over 80 percent by active
A.L.L. members and their commitments were much more generous than I
would have expected from retirees."
     In May, the Arshts gave the University a second million-dollar
donation toward the fundraising effort. When President David P.
Roselle announced the gift and the successful close of the fundraising
campaign, he also announced that the Executive Committee of the Board
of Trustees had approved naming the new facility in honor of the
     Several special gifts by Academy members, friends and family
members resulted in the naming of rooms in Arsht Hall. The Grimble
family, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Spivey and Earl Krapf have named rooms.
The gifts from over 130 Academy members and friends created a room to
honor the late Edwin C. Buxbaum, a popular teacher and resident
philosopher, a professor emeritus of anthropology at the University of
Delaware and former Du Pont researcher. The Arshts' daughter, Adrienne
Arsht Feldman, named the Arsht Hall reading room for her grandparents,
Samuel and Matilda Cannon.