Messenger - Vol. 1, No. 1, Page 32
Fall 1991
1990-91 Report of Private Support
1991 banner year for U.D. fundraising effort

     Gift dollars to the University of Delaware from all sources of
private support increased significantly over last year's previous
record, according to President David P. Roselle.
     The President said that the $16,932,758, including bequests, is
28 percent greater than the previous high in 1988 and that the
$14,406,589 in gift support, excluding bequests, is 14 percent higher
than in FY '90. Donors increased by 20 percent.
     It is particularly gratifying to acknowledge that alumni giving
increased $209,274 to $1,299,286 in support of all purposes:
unrestricted use; current funding for colleges, departments and
programs; capital projects and endowment.
     The number of alumni donors, an important gauge of loyalty, is up
12 percent from last year.
     Non-alumni friends, including parents of current students and
trustees, contributed $1,603,162. There were 46 percent more donors in
this category in fiscal year '91 than in the previous year.
     Corporate giving, at $4.25 million, was up 1 percent over last
year while the number of corporate donors, 491, increased 55 percent.
Twenty-one per cent more foundations (52 total) contributed 31 percent
more dollars. The number of organizations, including clubs, institutes
and associations, increased 51 percent although their contributions
totaled 5 percent less than last year.
     The funds from realized bequests, which fluctuate widely from
year to year, added nearly $2.5 million to the total record support.