Messenger - Vol. 1, No. 1, Page 42
Fall 1991
1990-91 Report of Private Support
Supporting business excellence

     The College of Business & Economics Alumni Association enjoyed a
successful first year, thanks to its dedicated board of directors and
the enthusiasm of over 450 new members. Directors include: Lisa Cooper
Gordon '84, president; William E. Lowe Jr. '85, vice president; Ann
Shepard '87, '90M, treasurer; Rose Ann Scanlon '85, corresponding
secretary; Paul Goodman '78, recording secretary; Deborah Hopkins '80;
Robert P. McNutt '69M; Robert W. Schumm '70M; and William Young '75,
     The B&E Alumni Association held its second annual Spring
Reception in April at which alumnus Leonard Quill '58, '66M was
honored as an inductee to the University of Delaware's Wall of Fame.
Plans for the 1991-92 year include establishment of the College
Alumni Award of Excellence, to be awarded for the first time on
Homecoming Weekend, 1991.
     In May, 1990, a pledge of over $100,000 established the KPMG Peat
Marwick Faculty Development Fund in the Department of Accounting. The
gift represents the combined pledges of University alumni partners and
employees of KPMG Peat Marwick, the firm's matching gifts, and a
contribution from the Peat Marwick Foundation. Robert J. Lipstein '77,
chairman of the Accounting Advisory Board, played a leadership role in
securing pledges for this fund, which will enhance research and
teaching at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
     The centers of the College of Business and Economics are
supported by local and national business and industry. The Center for
Economic Education has again received national recognition, as two
Delaware public schools received awards from the Joint Council on
Economic Education. Funding for the center comes in part from the
Delaware Council on Economic Education. Members of the center's board
of directors represent many of Delaware's major corporations. The
Master of Instruction in Economic Education (MIEE) program support
comes primarily from the Alcoa Foundation, Beneficial Foundation Inc.,
Chevron USA Inc., The Du Pont Co., McKenna Foundation, The Pew
Charitable Trusts and Rockwell International.
     The Financial Institutions Research and Education (FIRE) Center
is supported by the University of Delaware, the State and the private
financial services community. Bankers Trust (Delaware), First USA
Bank, MBNA America, Manufacturers Hanover Bank (Delaware), Morgan Bank
(Delaware), Ninth Ward Savings & Loan Association, PNC National Bank,
Sears Roebuck Acceptance Corporation, The Chase Manhattan Bank (USA),
Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, and Wheat, First Securities Inc.
are members. The center sponsors faculty research and seminars on
issues relevant to financial institutions.
     The Center for Information Systems Management, Education and
Research (CISMER) has seven contributing partners: Andersen
Consulting, Delmarva Power, The Du Pont Co., ICI Americas, The Medical
Center of Delaware, Morgan Christiana Corporation and Scott Paper
Company. Current CISMER activities include sponsorship of faculty
research projects, the installation of a state-of-the-art computing
network in Purnell Hall, upcoming seminars on quality management,
software testing and reliability, optical computing and the
development of interactive multimedia software for education and