Messenger - Vol. 1, No. 1, Page 31
Fall 1991
1990-91 Report of Private Support
Letter from the President

     Dear alumni and friends:
     I am delighted to send warm and grateful acknowledgment to all of
our 1990-91 donors. It is gratifying to recognize that, at a time when
many other colleges and universities are receiving fewer and smaller
gifts, total contributions received by the University of Delaware are
28 percent higher than ever before! I believe this is a result of our
focus upon the value of people helping people.
     When donors of scholarship funds have the opportunity to meet the
students their gifts support, when contributors to building projects
see their generosity take shape as laboratories and classrooms used
each day by eager students and faculty, this is when they feel most
connected to their University. They recognize that the University
community is made up of people helping others realize their dreams and
ambitions for the common good.
     Educating our students is a complex undertaking: it provides the
skills for life in the next century; it contributes to the universal
body of knowledge; it positively impacts upon life and work in our
state and the region. You, as a donor, help make all this possible,
and we at the University are deeply grateful.
     I look forward to working with all of you in the years ahead as
we continue to strengthen and nourish our fine University of Delaware.


     David P. Roselle, President