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Official Visit Procedures/Recruiting Documentation/Evaluation Days/Forms

Official Visit Procedures:

Recruiting Documentation:
Every year each coach is required to meet with the Compliance Officer to review the previous year's recruiting documentation. This meeting will occur during the fall semester. Failure to schedule a meeting will be reflected in the coach's annual evaluation conducted by the Director of Athletics.

Evaluation Days:
Football, Men's & Women's Basketball, Women's Lacrosse and Softball are required to submit in writing to the Director of Athletics (and cc: Compliance) every year the evaluation days used during the recruiting cycle.

Go to the Compliance Form section to get compliance forms.


Initial/Continuing/Hardship Waivers/Transfers/Foreign Students/Outside Competition/Eligibility Forms

Initial Eligibility:

Continuing Eligibility: Hardship Waivers: Transfers: Foreign Students: Outside Competition: Eligibility Forms:

Financial Aid

National Letter of Intent/Grant-in Aid Letter/Renewals/Special Sessions/Student Employment/Voluntary Quitting

National Letter of Intent:

Grant-in-Aid Letter: Renewals/Nonrenewals: Special Sessions: Student Employment: Voluntarily Quitting the Team: All Financial Aid compliance forms are in the Compliance Forms section.

Playing & Practice Seasons

Length of Season/Summer Activities/Play & Practice Reports/Individual Skill Instruction

Length of Season:
The Length of Season Report is due every year to the Compliance Office by early May. This report states your start date, end date and number of competitions per year. This report can change, but you must notify the Compliance Office of the change.

Summer Activities:
Athletes wishing to play in summer leagues must receive permission from the Director of Athletics. Make sure that you check, in Bylaw 17, what the permissible number of athletes is (with eligibility remaining) that can be on the same team. Basketball and baseball athletes must complete the Summer League Permission Form.

Play/Practice Reports:
Coaches are required to complete the Athletically Related Activity Report every two weeks. This is to be submitted to the Compliance Assistant. Coaches are required to complete these forms year-round including individual sessions!

Individual Skill Instruction:
It is permissible for coaches to conduct individual skill sessions with no more than four (4) athletes at one time in one facility OUTSIDE of the playing season. This instruction cannot exceed more than two (2) hours per week. This instruction can now be mandated by the coaching staff.

All forms applying to this section are in the Compliance Forms section.

Summer Camps

Student-Athletes Working Camp:
You are permitted to hire your athletes to work your camp. They must perform duties other than coaching that are supervisory in nature. You must also seek permission from the Director of Athletics to hire your athletes. This legislation does not apply to football. Complete the Summer Camp Employment Form.

All forms applying to this section are in the Compliance Forms section.

Roster Management

Preliminary Rosters:
Coaches are required to submit a Preliminary Roster by mid-May each year for the following academic year. Any changes to that roster must be communicated to the Compliance Officer immediately and continually until the Final Roster is completed.

Final Rosters:
Final Rosters are due no later than one week prior to the first competition (scrimmage, exhibition, etc.). Once the final roster is submitted NO MORE ADDITIONS MAY BE MADE! Any deletions to the roster must be made known to the Compliance Officer immediately.

**Any changes to any roster must be communicated to the Compliance Officer immediately.

All forms for this section are in the Compliance Forms section.

12 Credit Check

Audit/listener does NOT count towards NCAA credits!!!

The Compliance Office will monitor the 12 credits in the following manner:


Awards Summary Form - this form needs to be completed on an annual basis at the end of the sport season. Coaches must list on the form all awards given outside of the University letterwinner awards.

Reporting Violations:
Violations will be reported by the Compliance Officer. If a violation has occurred it is the obligation of the individual to report the violation. All coaches involved in a violation will be issued a letter of reprimand. Depending on the type of violation it will either be reported to the Conference Office or the NCAA.

Compliance Forms

Summer Job Monitoring Form
Private Sports Camp
Summer Camp Employment
Summer Camp Profile
Final Roster Form