College of Marine and Earth Studies - University of Delaware
MAST 873 - Marine Policy Seminar
Updated April 16, 2008
Presentation Schedule Spring 2008 - Professor James J. Corbett
February 14 No Class
February 21 Jackie Piero - Presenter
Abstract - "Public Input to the Delaware Policy Process"
Kelley Appleman and Kate Semmens - Discussants
February 28 No Class
March 6 No Class 
March 13 Kate Semmens - Presenter
Abstract - "Buffering Uncertainty: Assessing Annual Catch Limit Setting under the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Reauthorization Act of 2006"
Nellie Manlove and Alexis Gutierrez - Discussants
March 20 Kelley Applemen - Presenter
Abstract - "An Economic Analysis of Shorebird Preservation in the Delaware Bay"
Nellie Manlove and Jackie Piero - Discussants
March 27 Nellie Manlove - Presenter
Abstract - "A Policy Discussion of the BP Crown Landing Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal
                     in Logan township, New Jersey"
Amit Mokashi and Jackie Piero - Discussants
April 3 Spring Recess - No Class
April 10 - 4:30 PM Class will be at 4:30 pm in the Reserve Room at the Morris Library for the Annual Faculty Lecture
Dean Nancy Target will give a lecture on "Ships, Submersibles, and Underwater Habitats: Diving into
the Adventures of Science at Sea"
April 17 Alexis Gutierrez - Presenter
Abstract - "Trade and Environment"
Kate Semmens and Shih-Ming Kao - Discussants
April 24

Amit Mokashi - Presenter
Alexis Gutierrez and Artie Fischer - Discussants

May 1 April Rouleau - Presenter
Kelley Appleman and Amit Mokashi - Discussants
May 8 Shih-Ming Kao - Presenter
Artie Fischer and April Rouleau - Discussants
May 15

Artie Fischer - Presenter
Shih-Ming Kao and April Rouleau - Discussants