College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment - University of Delaware
School of Marine Science and Policy

MAST 873 - Marine Policy Seminar

Presentation Schedule Fall 2012- Professor George Parsons
August 30 Introduction (New Students Only Need Attend)
September 6 NO CLASS
September 13

Alison Bates   (Crabs at Sambo's after class)
"Marine Spatial Planning: Framework for Ocean Planning at a Local, National, and International Scale" - Abstract

September 20 Steve Hulse
"The Western and Central Pacific Ocean; have the efforts of the U.S. created a model for RFMO Enforcement?" - Abstract
September 27 Joe Appiott
"Breaking the Stalemate: Analyzing State Preferences in the Global Debates on Marine Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction" - Abstract
October 4 Ryan Ono
"Marine Aquaculture and Spatial Planning: Implications of the Provincetown-Truro Aquaculture Development Area" - Abstract
October 11 NO CLASS
October 18 Lance Noel
"A Criticism of NEPA Alternative Analysis and Wildlife Impacts of Electricity Generation" - Abstract
October 25 Maryisa Szymkowiak
"Building a Framework to Evaluate Catch Share Modifications and Redistribution Programs" - Abstract
November 1 Regina McCormack
" Analysis of Electricity Production's Impact to Water Health in Delaware Waters" - Abstract
November 8 Brandon Budenz - "Power Exchange" - Abstract
Edward Carr - "Emission Control Areas and the Panama Canal" - Abstract
November 15 Amardeep Dhanju - short bio
Peter Edwards - short bio
Andrew Krueger - short bio
"Reflections on work after graduating from MP"
November 22 Holiday - No Class
November 29 Kaja Brix - "Ecosystem Based Management: The Magnuson Stevens Act and the Endangered Species Act" - Abstract
Nicole Suto - "EV Charging Network" - Abstract