College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment - University of Delaware
MAST 873 - Marine Policy Seminar

Presentation Schedule Fall 2010 - Professor Lee Anderson
September 2 Pizza gathering to meet the new Marine Policy students in the open area on the 3rd floor of Robinson Hall

September 9

Guest Instructor - Dr. Parsons
Wei Huang
-Analytical Framework of Regional Marine Spatial Planning and its Policy Implications
Blaise Sheridan - Discussant

September 16 Eric Deans
- Providing Policy Advice to the International Maritime Organization
Andrew Levitt - Discussant

September 23

Andrew Levitt
- Cost of energy of offshore wind in the US
Alison Bates - Discussant

September 30 Blaise Sheridan
- Coastal Resilience: Localized Wind Power for Coastal Delaware
Heather Thomson - Discussant
October 7 Amit Mokashi
- Voluntary Regulation - A Policy Option for US Coastal Shipping?
Wei Huang - Discussant
October 14 Guest Instructor - Dr. Firestone
Heather Thomson
- Coal Versus Wind on Coal River Mountain
Kateryna Samoteskul - Discussant
October 21 Guest Instructor - Dr. Parsons
Greg Ardini
abstract - Marine Reserves: When are they an appropriate tool in managing single-species fisheries?
Dawn Crompton - Discussant
October 28 Guest Instructor - Dr. Kempton
Nat Pearre
- Driving Energy Reform: Risks and Opportunities of Vehicle Electrification
Eric Deans - Discussant

November 4

Guest Instructor - Dr. Corbett
Bruce Williams
abstract - A Policy Maker's Overview of Offshore Wind Turbine Structural Stability Standards, Guideline and Certifications
Nat Pearre -

Ashley Hartsock
abstract - Current Fisheries Management: The Case of River Herring
Marisa Van Hoeven - Discussant

November 11 Kateryna Samoteskul
- Assessing Risk to Ship Traffice Near Offshore Wind Farms
Amit Mokashi - Discussant
Alison Bates
- Ocean Acidification: The Other Carbon Dioxide Problem
Brian Williams - Discussant
November 18 Marisa Van Hoeven
- Biodiversity: Ecological Significance and Management by Marine Protected Areas
Greg Ardini - Discussant
November 25 Thanksgiving - no class
December 2 Dawn Crompton
abstract - The Commerce Clause and Green Energy Laws

Ashley Hartsock - Discussant