College of Marine and Earth Studies - University of Delaware
MAST 873 - Marine Policy Seminar
  Updated December 1, 2006
Presentation Schedule Fall 2006 - Professor Willett M. Kempton
August 31 Introduction to the MP seminar (only students need attend).
September 7 Willett Kempton, CMES
Seminar on "Overview of Offshore Wind Power"
September 14 Prof. Stephen M. Gardiner, University of Washington
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"Saved by Disaster? Abrupt climate change, political inertia, and the possibility of an intergenerational arms race."
Joint seminar with Geology at 3:00-5:00 PM in 206 Robinson Hall/202 CML.
September 21 Peter Edwards and Andy Krueger
"Surviving the MP Seminar: A student's perspective"
September 28

Lee G. Anderson, CMES
Seminar on "Preliminary Thoughts on ITQs in Recreation Fisheries "

October 5 Joana Flor Tavares
"Decision Support Model for the Management of Ballast Water: Waters Traveled and Plotting a New Course "
October 12


October 19 NO  CLASS
October 26 Kate Semmens
"What happens when the ice is gone? An analysis of shipping and its effects in a potentially ice-free Arctic"
November 2

April Rouleau
"Regulating Aesthetics in the Coastal Zone: The Case for Floating Billboards"

Haifeng Wang
"The Importance of an Environmental Sensitive Society: An Alert to the Pulbic Lack of Knowledge of the Ocean"
Abstract and Readings

November 9 Robert Fisher
"The Establishment of a Primary Level Ocean Science Curriculum in Small Island Developing States: Vanuatu Example"

Jackie Piero
"Policy Implications of Offshore Wind Development "
November 16 -Shannon Lyons
"Virtual Population Analysis of North Atlantic Right Whales (Revisited)"

Some students at NOAA today
November 23 Thanksgiving - University Offices Closed
November 30 Stephanie McClellan, Leadership Program, School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy
and County Councilwoman, 5th District, New Castle County
Dr. McClellan's presentation - "Leadership actions to shape policy: Theoretical and practical reflections"