College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment
University of Delaware

MAST 873 - Marine Policy Seminar- Spring 2014
Professor James Corbett

Faculty Rotation Schedule

Thursday's 3:30-4:30 P.M. - 203 Robinson Hall

Welcome to the Marine Policy Seminar Website
The Marine Policy seminar is a one-credit hour course offered every semester at the School of Marine Science and Policy at the University of Delaware. Students and occasionally outside speakers present research on assorted topics of Marine Policy. Student presentations cover proposed and on-going research usually leading to a Masters thesis or Ph.D. dissertation. Students take the seminar three times to fulfill the MPP or Ph.D. requirement. All program core faculty and many continuing students who have completed their seminar requirement also participate.
Among other things, the seminar gives students the opportunity
  to get an early start on thesis and dissertation research,
  to develop skills in oral presentation,
  to develop skills in research and research methods,
  to see policy issues debated from many perspectives,
  to learn that you can survive devastating criticism of slide 14 ,
  to see fellow students' research, and
  to engage in interaction and intellectual exchange with students and faculty.
Course Materials
  Presentation Schedue for Spring 2014
  Syllabus for Spring 2014
    1. List of MP theses and dissertations for review
    2. Bibliography of MP student theses and dissertations
  Past Presentations
Guidelines for Dissertation and Analytical Paper
  Analytical Paper Ph.D. Dissertation  
  Analytical Paper Proposal Ph.D. Dissertation Proposal  
    Alternative Ph.D. Dissertation Proposal  
Program Requirements
  MMP Degree Requirements Ph.D. Degree Requirements
Progress Reports
  MMP Progress Report Ph.D. Progress Report


Important Forms - click here
Some Examples of AP Proposals and Final Papers
  Alexis Martin - proposal    final paper  
  Jean Brodeur - proposal   
  Ed Carr - proposal  
  Dawn Kurtz Crompton 2014 - proposal final paper  
  Andrew Levitt 2013 - proposal    final paper as published  
  Greegory Ardini 2013 - proposal    final paper  
  Wei Huang 2013 - proposal   final paper  
  Steven Hulse 2013 - proposal   final paper  
  Ryan Ono 2013 -   proposal   final paper        
  Regina McCormack 2014 - final paper  
Some Examples of Ph.D. Proposals and Final Dissertations
  Marysia Szymkowiak - Ph.D. proposal