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Legal Resources on the Web

One of the exciting features of the Web for students of law is that for the first time in history, legal statutes and case law are readily available. Here are some of our favorite law-related sites.

Legal Opinions

Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute
One of the first and still one of the best sites to search U.S. Supreme Court cases, current and past.

Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe

Villanova Law School Federal Court
Full-text court opinions for the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals (for cases since 1994) and other circuit courts.

The National Law Journal
Find Court Opinions On The Web.


General Law

FindLaw Guide to Legal Resources
Another good site that points to a wide array of legal resources on the internet.

United States Code
Find all federal statutes.

Legal Sites on the Web
A great comprehensive list of law related sites on the web.

University of Delaware Library Guide to Resources for Legal Studies
Our library has assembled this useful guide to internet and library resources relating to law.

Law Library at Indiana University
An excellent and comprehensive collection of legal resources on the internet.

Site dedicated to the U.S. Supreme Court. Great place to browse or find cases.

Law Firm directory from Martindale

Search profiles of more than one million legal professionals worldwide


Uniform Commercial Code


Uniform Partnership Act (1997)


Revised Model Business Corporation Act (2002)


Bankruptcy Code


Supreme Court Collection


American Law Institute


Library of Congress Legislative Service (Thomas)




Delaware Law


Delaware Franchise Security Law


Delaware General Corporation Law


Overview of Delaware State Court System


Legal Institutions

CNN Crime
This is the home page of the cable network CNN, which provides regular updating of news about criminal trials around the country.

Delaware Court System
This site provides detailed information about the court system in Delaware.

Department of Justice
This homepage allows you to obtain information about the current research undertaken by the Department of Justice, and to search a large number of law and criminal justice sites.

Federal Judicial Center
This is the homepage for the research arm of the federal courts.

National Center for State Courts
A centralized resource for information about the nation's state court systems. Researchers at the NCSC conduct studies of court operations and functioning.

U. S. Federal Courts Homepage
This homepage provides information about the federal court system.


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