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Courses:  Spring 2009 


LEST Core Courses:



LEST 210: The Law and You
Professor Joan DelFattore

Department of English


Next spring, the Legal Studies Program will again offer its popular lecture series and course on "The Law and You." The course (one-credit, pass/fail) will meet for an hour each Friday at noon to hear Delaware attorneys and other speakers talk about legal issues of relevance to students and the University community.



LEST/POSC 380:  Introduction to Law

Professor Wayne Batchis

Department of Political Science & International Relations


This course is one of those required of legal studies minors. It is designed to give students a broad overview of the nature, functions and limits of law. Emphasis on law as the political instrument used to regulate, control and promote behavior and deal with social problems.



LEST 401: Senior Seminar: Globalization and the Law
Professor Aaron M. Fichtelberg

Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice




New LEST Electives:



CISC 367: Intellectual Property in the Digital Age

Richard E. Gordon

Department of Computer and Information Sciences


The course meets Mon and Wed evenings, from 5:00 - 6:15 p.m

The topics covered include copyright, patents, trademarks, trade secrecy, their historical roots, the forces that have shaped their development, their impact on society! The course examines changes in technology (from the codex to the printing press to broadcast media to the Internet!), economics, and social changes.

For more information, see:



MAST667-016:  Climate Change Law and Policy
Professor Jeremy Firestone

College of Marine & Earth Sciences


This course will explore the developments in climate change law and policy. It begins with climate change science and equity, examining the UNFCCC and the compliance mechanisms established under Kyoto Protocol. The course will compare and contrast, tradeable permits, taxes, and command and control regulation approaches. The course will also consider other approaches at the international level (e.g., petitions to the World Heritage Committee, Fish Stocks Convention actions, Human Rights Petitions). The course also will examine US initiatives at the federal and state levels to advance renewable energy and to cap and decrease carbon emissions. Domestic litigation approaches (e.g., MASS v. EPA, and nuisance actions) will also be explored. Finally, we will consider one or more potential long-term solutions to climate change.




LEST Substantive Law Courses:

(Note:  may be used as LEST electives, if you have already fulfilled the substantive law requirement)


ACCT 350  Business Law I      (restricted to ACCT majors)
ACCT 351  Business Law II     (restricted to ACCT majors)
ACCT 352  Law and Social Issues in Business     (open to non-ACCT majors)
COMM/LEST 345  Legal Issues of the Mass Media
CRJU 320  Introduction to Criminal law
CRJU 375  Criminal Procedure
POSC 401-010  Topics in Con Law: Gender, Sex, and Law
POSC 401-011  Topics in Con Law: Criminal Procedures
POSC 402  Civil Liberties: Individual Freedoms
POSC 403  Civil Liberties: Equal Protection
POSC 405  Constitutional Law of the United States


LEST Electives: 


CISC 367-010  Intellectual Property in the Digital Age
CRJU 202  Problems of Criminal Judiciary
CRJU 203  Problems of Corrections
CRJU 311  Capital Punishment and the Law

CRJU/SOCI 428  Corporate Crime
CRJU 435  Punishing Speech
CRJU 457  Criminal Evidence
ECON 360  Government Regulation of Business
EDUC 240  Prof. Issues: Philosophical and Legal Perspectives
FINC 418  Seminar in Corporate Governance

MAST/LEST 673  International Law

PHIL 367-011  Philosophy and the U.S. Constitution

POSC 401-010  Topics in Constitutional Law
SOCI 428  Corporate Crime



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