LEST 401 Substitution Form

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Legal Studies Minors may substitute an independent study research course for LEST 401 under the following conditions:

  1. The independent study includes a major research project and substantial research paper;

  2. The project involves research on law or legal issues, broadly defined;

  3. The project is supervised by a Legal Studies faculty member, or with prior approval another faculty member
    with appropriate knowledge and skills to supervise the project;

  4. The Director of the Legal studies Program and the faculty member approve the substitution in advance; and

  5. The faculty member supervising the project approves the work as having been satisfactorily completed.

The LEST 401 requirement for the Legal Studies minor will be fulfilled by the following course substitution:




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Student's description of the independent research project student's obligations:    (use reverse side, if necessary)













Prior approval of faculty member supervising the project:



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Approval of course substitution by the Director of the Legal Studies Program:



Eric W. Rise, Director                                                                                        Date